Reading other blogs

In case you couldn’t already tell, I don’t actually read a lot of blogs myself.

Correction, no blogs.
I currently follow zero blogs. 


I used to follow waitbutwhy, and loved it, but I don’t know if that still counts as a blog. It’s more like books, published in blog-form. I mean, the guy was gone for three years and then suddenly re-emerged with this major thing that he has been working on during that time. 
Sounds like a book to me.
(except that it’s being published free and online. And in parts. But still as a cohesive thing where you have to start at the beginning – so, still like a book, but in blog-form, but not really… Whatever, I don’t know, the point is, waitbutwhy is great, and it is its own thing. It has gone beyond labels)

Anyway, other than waitbutwhy, which is not a blog, I don’t follow any blogs. 

That doesn’t bode well. 


Reading books is important

For aspiring writers, reading books is of vital importance. In the words of John Green:
‘It is the only apprenticeship we have’.

(full disclosure, I haven’t actually read any of John Green’s books. But I love vlogbrothers, and Dear Hank & John and also every other writer ever has said something along these lines, so the quote stands).


I’m assuming that reading blogs is as important to a wannabe blogger, as reading fiction is to wannabe fiction writers. Am I a wannabe blogger though?  I’m just writing this because I love to write and because so far (six posts in) it’s still fun. I’m not trying to make this my life’s profession.
Like I said before, I just want to write often. 

I get that you have to study professionals when you want to achieve something in that profession. Which is why I read a ton of books and I always learn something.
Whether I love a book or hate it, I learn from it.
Both Harry Potter and the Hunger Games have taught me stuff about writing children’s/YA books, even though one is amazing and the other is horrible.


Ambitious amateur

Here’s my question:
Do you also have to study the professionals when you want to be an amateur at something? 

Because even when you aspire to nothing more than amateur-status, you still want to be good at the things you do, right? Or at least, improve. 

So right now I suck at writing blogposts, but it’s fun. 
And even though it is already fun, I would still like it if, say, a year from now I’m less bad at it than I am today.

That’s how we work I guess.
Even when we don’t aspire to greatness, we always aspire to progress. 


Anybody have any suggestions for blogs to follow?

Leave your
suggestions in the
comments, I would
appreciated it





I probably shouldn’t be writing about this. It doesn’t make me seem very confident and knowledgeable about the World of Blogs (my third strike I believe, after this and this).
But that’s just the honest truth. I hang out on youtube mostly so I don’t know any blogs I actually like, nor do I know any bloggers, either online or irl, so I’m really very very green.

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