Quantity over quality

I’m going for quantity over quality.

Another faux pas I’m sure, but stick with me here, I have reasons. 


I want to write often. 

That means not every post will be a glorious masterpiece. And it doesn’t have to be.
Not every time.
Only every other time.

JK. What I mean is, for now, for me personally, writing often is more important than writing well. 

You learn by practicing. Most painters, writers, composers, etc. put out a bunch of stuff during their lifetimes. Some of them were masterpieces, other things were garbage, and then there was a lot of ‘eh – it’s okay’ stuff in the middle

And the beauty of that is, they probably learned a lot from the garbage and medium stuff they made. They might never have made their masterpieces if it hadn’t been for all the crap that was never published, displayed, performed or whatever.
The creations we never got to see, but that exists for sure. 

When you’re writing a novel (which I am) you can even go back later and fix all the bad parts. So in that case, writing often really is more important than writing well. 

And I think that goes for this blog too. 

Even though I can’t go back months from now, and fix this post[1], I still want to write often. Besides, it’s not open-heart surgery, it’s a blog. It’s my blog, so I can screw it up with the wrong approach if I want, and what I want is to write often. 

It helps keep the dementors away. 



[1] I mean, I can. This blog isn’t written in stone, it’s written on a website. So in theory I could still click on this post, months or even years later, and fix it. I won’t though, that would be silly


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