Nerds I like

Let’s make a page that is entirely dedicated to nerdy things!
And to the people who talk about nerdy things, and make being a nerd so much fun!

I realize that this might turn out to be a dumb move. Chances are pretty high that you never come back here after you go and check some of this out.
Because let’s face it, these wonderful nerds have been creating for much longer and their content is amazing and so much better then my little blog that I just started.

I’m willing to risk it though. Because chances are also pretty high that you already knew about these people, since most of them already have a follower or two.
Also the stuff I’ll be sharing here with you is awesome, and this way we’ll get to know each other a little better.

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The Super Carlin Brothers

One of my favorite YouTube channels by far!
They’re two brothers, they talk about Harry Potter, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and it is just so – much – fun. They have awesome fan-theories, make fun explainer videos and battle each other in Pottermore quizes and it’s hilarious.
It feels like hanging out with friends, they’re definitely the non-annoying kind of nerd. You know, less know-it-all Hermione, more she’s-actually-fun-and-cool Hermione.

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That’s what I’m Tolkien about

This is a fun new podcast that started a couple of months ago and I love it!
Mary Clay What has never read The Lord of the Rings, or seen the movies, she really knows fork all about it – and she’s diving in.
There is just something about knowing what’s going to happen and then listening to somebody who has no freaking clue about it, that makes this a lot of fun.
It’s the closest you’ll ever come to that yearning we all have, but will never be fulfilled: reading a story again for the first time.

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Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Honestly, this podcast will help you with life.
Every episode, Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile discuss a chapter of the Harry Potter books through a certain theme.
Whether it’s joy, anxiety, resilience, humility, frustration, kindness or glamour, they find a way to connect this wonderful story to our own lives.
They’re very open about how every theme plays a role in their own life, so if you’re struggling with something – whether it’s big or small – listening to this podcast will help. You’ll feel less alone. Because somehow, in their conversations, Vanessa and Casper manage to express a lot of what you’re feeling, validating your feelings in a nice Harry Potter package, what’s not to love?
I mean it, I every episode I listen to, makes me a little stronger.

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Hello Future Me

Also one of my favorite YouTube channels. If you’re a newbie writer, look no further to find amazing content about worldbuilding, how to make a good story, developing characters, and more. But, the fun part is that this channel will teach you about all of this by talking about your favorite fandoms!
Every video has a topic, like for example, writing a prologue, or how to deliver exposition without boring your readers to no end, and it takes examples from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender, Lord of the Rings, and many, many others, so it’s fun and educational (is funucation not a word yet?).
So check it out. If you’re a writer, it will improve your writing. If not, you’ll find new depths and appreciation for the stories, worlds and characters you love so much.

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Hank & John

Right, so if you didn’t know who Hank & John Green were until you landed on this page, then you have some fun ahead of you.
I don’t know where to start.
Maybe I’ll just say a couple of quick things and you can take it from there:
Vlogbrothers YouTube channel: lots of fun, lots of interesting, lots of nerd.
Dear Hank & John Podcast: ‘two brothers answer your questions and give dubious advice’ is the intro they give themselves. It is, like their YouTube channel, also lots of fun, lots of interesting and lots of nerd.
Just go down the rabbithole of everything Hank & John Green, and you’ll get so much out of it. Really, nerdfighteria is awesome and I’m very glad that I stumbled upon it.

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Fun fun fun! Let’s have more podcast fun!
Mike Schubert is reading Harry Potter for the very first time and taking you along for the ride.
True, it starts out pretty snarky. In the first couple of episodes he is mostly nitpicking on all the plot holes and stuff (which is kinda funny but also annoying sometimes). But after a while he just can’t help but falling completely and totally in love with Ginny Weasley – I mean the books, he falls in love with the books.
It is fun, it’s easy to listen to, and I’m so glad I stuck with it after the snarky nitpicking started to annoy me. I just skipped ahead to episode 24 or something, and it proved the best decision ever. It has been a great escape for me during bad chronic pain days.

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Check out this page with amazing people talking about social issues

You’ll find all the podcasts on whatever podcasting platform you’re using, and obviously all the youtube stuff is on youtube. But in case that’s too much work for you, here are a bunch of links:

Super Carlin Brothers
That’s what I’m Tolkien about
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Hello Future Me
Hank & John Green

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