Find your niche!

What’s this blog to be about? You’re not going to just write about “things that happen to you” and boring stuff like that, right? Or about “Interesting things you’ve noticed”. 

No, I won’t. Or I mean – I might.
Maybe. Only if it’s something funny I’ve noticed. Or silly. Silly and fun things are important. Or if it brings me joy. 
Or if it’s about Harry Potter.
Or chronic pain. Or Lord of the Rings. Or the environment. Or football (the real thing, what people in the US call ‘soccer’). Or food. Or fun youtubers or podcasts I found. 

Or – Space! Space is the best, who doesn’t love space? We all live there, so you gotta love it. Or the earth! Earth is just about as awesome as space, I might write about that from time to time. 


Okay, I see we have branched out far and wide from the ‘things I’ve noticed’ angle. Good. 

Too broad? The Internet says I need to find a niche. 
That will help me grow a band of loyal followers and then I can branch out later. Also the word cultivate came up a bunch of times when I gave blogging a quick ten minute google.

Anyway, the Internet tells me to zoom in on one thing.
Narrow it down. Find a niche. Then you can bond with those people first. Go for something you really like. Something you’re very very good at, and / or are interested in. ‘Find a niche!’ they keep saying, find a nice! Otherwise you’re screwed. 

Well fork you too. 
You go find a niche. 

I like a lot of things. 
I’m not crazy good at just one thing. I’m kind of okay-ish at a bunch of different things. 

And by the way, how many people do you know, who are the very best in the world at one thing?
Because the JK Rowlings of this world are kind of rare, and it’s really not a given that everybody is super super super good at one very specific thing. 
And even if I had the potential to be good at one thing – how would I know what that thing is, unless I try a bunch of things, fail, and try a bunch more?

So maybe this blog will go in the opposite direction of what the Internet tells me I should do. Maybe I’ll focus in on one thing over time. Not at first, but I might hone in on something, just by trial and error.
And maybe not. Maybe it’ll stay broad.

The future will tell.





Also. If you do follow me, even though this isn’t in a specific niche blog, great rewards will be yours. I will grant the power of Allomancy to my first 100 followers, for their entire lifetime or unitl the end of the world – whichever comes first. 
There. Mistborn reference.
It is not my niche, I’ve only read the first book and just ordered the second. But I addressed a specific group so I can check that of my list. 

And Snape killed Dumbledore. 
Damn it, now it’s broad again!)



Second also, blog’ is a horrible word.
Whoever came up with it should not be allowed to come up with words ever again.

It’s ugly, it sounds like something you cough up when you’re sick.
It sounds like it’s got something to do with pigs.
It sounds like something that is lagging behind. It sounds like your batteries are dying.

I get that there’s a reason why it’s called that. I can google stuff. And it turns out that ‘blog’ is actually short for ‘weblog’. But that’s a crappy reason to call something by such a horrible name.
When the shortened version is an ugly term, use something else, come up with another term.

So get on that Internet. We need another term. I’ll get on it, you get on it, and we will discuss and compare what we came up with on later occasions I’m sure. 


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