Defining the Hogwarts houses using memes and gifs. So many memes and gifs

I think about my personality a lot.
Mostly about how I can grow and change for the better. Because to be honest, some parts of my personality I’d very much like to improve.
The control freak thing for example, is kind of a pain in the ass.

And I would like to talk to you, about your personality and your growth and how the heck you do it and what we can learn from each other.
Lucky for us, J.K. Rowling has created this weird framework for it, so that we can all obsess over this together in the most magical, nerdy way possible.

Before we really get into things though, it would be good if we had some clear definitions of the four Hogwarts houses. Definitions that apply to real life I mean.
Because in the Harry Potter books, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin are portrayed in a way that serves the story.
I feel like people forget that sometimes.

So let’s dive into these four houses and see what they mean in real life, and in 2020.

Also let’s not take it too seriously.
People can get super serious about Harry Potter, and start online shouting matches and silly stuff like that. They can also make friends and have a lot of fun with it. So let’s go with the second option. Keep it kind, we’re all nerds, let’s be friendly nerds.



Official definition: Courage, bravery, Determination
Portrayed in the books: protagonist, good guys, hero’s

Real life: When there’s no dark lord trying to take over the world, the bravery of Gryffindors is more about how they’re good with chaos, and not overthinking things too much.
They have the guts to just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks, without fear of screwing up or failing – or at least they aren’t letting that fear hold them back.


Every personality type has it’s challenges though. Gryffindors are no exception, they definitely have some things to work on.
So here are a couple of things Gryffindors struggle with.


‘Not overthinking things’ can turn into rash actions very, very quickly. I’d say that Harry’s way of simply jumping into any situation without giving it two seconds of thought, gets him into trouble about as much as it gets him out of it.



Okay, so maybe they don’t brag about money, or who their father is (you know, like book-Slytherins do when they want to mix it up and try something other then a racial slur for once).
Gryffindors are all about action. And so they brag about what they did, or about how good they are at things.

Gryffindor bragging can also be disguised as the super annoying humble-brag. Or even, as bragging on behalf of someone else. Like in Order of the Phoenix, when some people in the Hogshead take it upon themselves to brag on Harry’s behalf.

So it’s more like a noble-brag, you know (oh my Merlin, could there be a more Gryffindor term then “noble-brag”?)



Official definition: Dedication, patience, loyalty
Portrayed in the books: a bunch of duffers, patient and true, “the rest”

Real life: They are definitely the kind ones. Hufflepuffs might not be the ones who bravely run back into the building after the fire alarm went of, to make sure Mark who’s in a wheelchair wasn’t left behind. But they are the ones who never ran out of there (forgetting about Mark) in the first place.
Hufflepuffs are all about the relationships, the people, the human interaction. They want harmony in the group. They wish for everybody to get along, to make coffee not war.


All of this means it’s not easy to be a Hufflepuff. Some character traits of the Hufflepuff personality need to be worked on.

No self-care

Putting others first, unfortunately means Hufflepuffs put themselves last. They’re not real good at self-care, and getting their own needs met. They want to make sure everybody in the group feels heard, but forget that they themselves are a part of ‘the group’ as well.


Being underappreciated

Hufflepuffs can have trouble getting their hard work to be seen and acknowledged.
They have a tendency to quietly soldier on. To just keep putting their best foot forward, without bragging about how useful they were, or how essential to the improvements made in the office, or the neighborhood, or whatever.
They are hard workers, but their work often goes unnoticed. And that can be pretty exhausting.

You might say that it is noble not to draw attention to your accomplishments. But in case of Hufflepuffs I’d say that they need to be careful not to use ‘being humble’ as an excuse to not improve this particular character trait.
Hufflepuffs, it’s important to let others know how valuable you are to the team!



Official definition: Wit, learning, wisdom
Portrayed in the books: nerds

Real life: Ravenclaws are the people who get fascinated with things. They have the ability to wonder. Their scientific mind wants to constantly be observing, testing, figuring out how it works. Ravenclaws want to understand.


They’re not always so good with people though

This isn’t mentioned in the Harry Potter books much, but real Ravenclaws can come across as a bit cold and distant due to their observing nature.

By that I don’t mean ‘cold’ like Slytherins can be cold. Slytherins are actually all about people, like Hufflepuffs – just in an opposite way. Ravenclaws on the other hand are more cold in the sense that they are not about people at all.
Often times they are simply not interested in people, or don’t have the patience to deal with them.


Also not good with chaos

It’s challenging when things don’t go they way you planned.
Ravenclaws especially don’t like chaos, and they don’t like to go out of their comfort-zones.
Outside the comfort zone, that’s the place where Gryffindors thrive. Ravenclaws are the opposite: they prefer to be in control of the situation.
In fact, they want to put other things to the test and figure out how it reacts, they don’t want to be the ones themselves that have to react to the unexpected. They do not want that at all.



Official definition: pride, ambition, cunning
Portrayed in the books: racist, murderers, evil

Real life: Slytherins are the ones that excel at self-care. They fiercely protecting their boundaries, and are truly the very bestest at making sure their own needs are met.
Kind of impressive.



That amazing ability to make sure that you take care of you, often comes at the expense of others. And Slytherins don’t always care about that.
Because 1: don’t be a baby
and 2: if you don’t like it, stand up for yourself. It’s not our job to take care of your needs.
Oh and 3:


Little empathy

Because Slytherins are all about themselves, it can be hard for them to realize that not everybody is able to ‘just learn to stand up for themselves’.
Sure, people can improve in that area. Maybe. If they try super hard, all the time, they can get better at it. Bit by bit.
But they can’t be proud and tough ‘just like that’. Accio thick skin is not a thing.


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